Syringe Pump Terumo SS 700

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02 May 2023
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Syringe Pump Terumo SS 700

SKU: KP4392 / CMSI / SPTSS700 / 05
Description Sell Syringe Pump Terumo SS700 Terumo is one of the tools used to enter drugs with a periodic and regular system automatically. With the right calculation, the syringe pump can make it easier for medical personnel to deliver fluids or medications on a scheduled basis and minimize the frequent human error. This tool uses a dc motor as a driving force for syringes that contain liquid or medicine that will be inserted into the patient's body. This tool uses a microprocessor electronic system that functions in controlling the delivery of fluid to the patient's body, sensors and alarms. In a mechanical system that is the motor movement as a driving force.

Inserting fluids or drugs into the patient's body with a high degree of accuracy.
Can control the effect of drug levels so that it is not too low or too high which means it is really fit.
The solution for patients who cannot take drugs in capsule form
Work principle :
The basic principle of the syringe pump is to inject the drug fluid into the patient's body at the right level or dosage and can be easily regulated so as to minimize the occurrence of errors that are often made by humans. The security of this tool is very good because it is equipped with an alarm sensor that is very sensitive if something goes wrong with the tool.

Specifications of Syringe Pump SS700 Terumo:
1 unit Syringe pump
1 unit of power cord (ORIGINAL)
Model: Syringe Pump Terumo SS 700
Moisture Protection: IP 24
Size / Weight: 381 mm x 120 mm x 112 mm / 2 Kg
Compatible with disposable: Teruma and other brand volumes 5, 10, 20, 30 50/60 mm
Alarm: Occlusion, Nearly Empety, Slider Displacment, Syringe Barrel detection, Syringe Displacment and other
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