Sodium Molybdate
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Specification of Sodium Molybdate

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Molybdenum was one of the first metals discovered by modern chemists. Discovered in 1778 by Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Molybdenum is a transition metal, so it places it in the middle of the periodic table, with atomic number 42. The periodic table itself is a chart that shows how chemical elements are related to one another. Molybdenum is hard, like silver metal with a very high melting point. Molybdenum is usually used to be a mixture with other metals. The mixture itself will have different properties from the first metal element, Molybdenum is usually often mixed with steel to increase strength, toughness, resistance to wear and corrosion, and the ability to harden steel.

The properties as follows

Molybdenum is a solid element, having a silvery-white metallic appearance. More often it looks like dark gray or black powder. The melting point is around 2,610 ° C (around 4,700 ° F) and the boiling point is 4,800 to 5,560 ° C (8,600 to 10,000 ° F). Its density is 10.28 grams per cubic centimeter.

- Color: Silver white

- Phase: Solid

- Average Atomic Mass: 95.94

- Lineal thermal expansion coefficient / K-1: 5.43E-6

- Electrical conductivity: 0.187 106 / cm Ω

- Thermal conductivity: 1.38 W / cmK

- Density: 10.22g / cc @ 300K

- Elastic modulus:

o Bulk: 261.2 / GPa

o Rigidity: 125.6 / GPa

o Youngs: 324.8 / Gpa

- Enthalpy of atomization: 653 kJ / mol @ 25 ° C

- Fusion enthalpy: 27.61 kJ / mol

- Evaporation enthalpy: 594.1 kJ / mol

- Hardness Scale

o Brinell: 1500 m MN-2

o Mohs: 5.5

o Vickers: 1530 MN m-2

- Evaporation heat: 598kJ / mol

- Melting Point: 2890K 2617 ° C 4743 ° F

- Molar volume: 9.41 cm3 / mole

- Form (at 20 ° C & 1atm): Solid

- Specific Heat: 0.25J / gK

- Vapor Pressure: 3.47Pa @ 2617 ° C

Sodium Molybdate

Used in the measurement of acids and alkalies, the manufacture of alkaloids, printing inks, fertilizer raw materials for refractory production. It can also be used in circulating cooling systems, metal working fluids and other fields as corrosion


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