Gum Rosin colophony atau rosin

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02 May 2023
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Specification of Gum Rosin colophony atau rosin

FOR SALE Gum Rosin
Packaging: Drum 240 KG
HS Code: 3806.10.00
Formula: C20H30O2
Appearance: Pale Yellow

Gum Rosin is also known as colophony or rosin, which is an organic resin obtained from pine trees (mostly conifers). It is obtained by heating the fresh liquid resin to vaporize the liquid terpene components, which are volatile. This product is semi-transparent and varies from Pale Yellow to Amber. Rosin is brittle at room temperature, but liquefies at higher temperatures. Gum Rosin is insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents. Gum Rosin also has a faint pink smell. Overall, this product consists of different resin acids, mainly acetic acid.
Gum Rosin can be found in Indonesia, which is obtained through distillation of Oleo Pine Resin. There are varying grades for this product quality (WW, WG and Class X). Gum Rosin can also be found in China, which is manufactured from Oleo Pine Resin. Pine tree species include P.massoniana, P.yunnanenisis and P.elliottii. These pine trees are located in forest areas in the provinces of Yuanan, Guangzhou, Fujian, Jiangxi and Sichuan and southern China.

Manufacturing Process
Gum Rosin is produced from raw pine resin collected from pine trees. The resin goes through a distillation process, which is done in large copper stills. The volatile liquid terpene components will also be separated from the mixture because this evaporation occurs at temperatures between 100 to 160⁰C. So that the rosin liquid becomes a distillate.

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