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AMISTAR TOP 325SC is a pesticide from the type of Fungicide + ZPT with active ingredients Azoksistrobin 200 grams / liter and Diphenoconazole 125 grams / liter, this fungicide is systemic. The form of the Amistar top 325SC fungicide is Soluble Concentrate or abbreviated as SC, or in our language called concentrated light yellow suspension. AMISTAR TOP 325SC is good for controlling disease and improving the quality of crop yields. AMISTAR TOP 325SC is good for rice, mango, coffee, onion, chili, corn, jatropha, orange, soybean, cocoa, oil palm, potato, tobacco, tomato, chrysanthemum and cabbage. The dosage of using AMISTAR TOP 325SC for diseases in plants, diseases such as leaf spot and leaf blight can be given AMISTAR TOP 325SC with a dose of 150-300 ml / hectare besides that it can increase the number of clumps, grains and weight of dried grain. while for diseases such as stem rot and blast given at a dose of 250-300ml / hectare. spraying is done in one season the plant is applied 2 times, namely when pregnant rice is around the age of 40-45 HST and when the plants are flowering 70% or at the age of 60-65 HST. AMISTAR TOP 325SC can control dry spot and leaf blight on tomato plants at a dose of 50-1 mk / liter. spraying is done before there are symptoms and routinely every 7-14 days. Feather dew disease can be controlled with AMISTAR TOP 325SC at a dose of 150-300ml / hectare, given dissat before there are symptoms of an attack and carried out routine actions every 1 week. Controlling leaf spot disease and can increase plant height, number of books and weight of fruit can be given AMISTAR TOP 325SC at a dose of 05, -1ml / liter done before the symptoms and routine for prevention every 7-14 days.

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